Multimedia Presentations

All the presentations were made with Microsoft's PowerPoint, and are to be displayed by a computer. The lectures are 1.5 - 3 hours long. They comprise original up-to-date texts, high-quality digital photographs and short video segments.
The video files are compressed, in MPEG or AVI formats. The presentations are available on CDs and on slides, and are given along with a printed copy of the lecture.

The presentation list is divided into the following
Categories (239 presentations):
1.The Hellenistic Period (1-21).
2.General (22-26).
3.Italy + Ancient Rome + Sicily (.27-85)
4.Turkey (86-152).
5.Israel (153-207).
6.Greece + Crete + Delos + Kos + Rhodes (208-239).


The Hellenistic Period


There are 5 presentations


Italy + Ancient Rome + Sicily
There are 59 presentations


There are 67 presentations


There are 55 presentations


Greece + Crete + Delos + Kos + Rhodes
There are 32 presentations