We offer a wide selection of high quality products. These products can be purchased in various forms: CD, DVD, VHS cassettes, etc
It is important to remember that all the material is up to date, and was photographed by a professional classical archaeologist. High quality DVD video clips can also be purchased.

Digital photographs of requested sites are available on DVD/CDR CDs.

Video segments in DVD quality are available on VCD/DVD CDs, readable by every VCD/DVD player.

Digital data (photographs/video) can be received stored in an external hard drive: up to 160 GB, Firewire & USB2.0/1.1

High quality slides, arranged in folders by topics.

Edited video segments about requested topics are also available on VHS cassettes.

Spectacular photographs of requested sites/topics can be received in all sizes, in folders or as individual photographs/posters. Digital printing.

Photo Albums

The project was executed using an amazing collection of digital/still cameras and lenses, video cameras and other advanced equipment.

80% of the pictures in this project were taken using this state of the art camera - reflex digital Fujifilm FinePix S2 Pro