Stamp collecting

stamp collectionStamp collecting has often been called "the hobby of kings" and the king of hobbies. Some stamp collectors may gather markings or labels applied to mail including postage meters. Some others may even collect Christmas seals, revenue stamps, etc. Some collectors hope secretly that they will collect an exclusive stamp that will make them wealthy. As described in stamp collecting is a better investment than many other hobbies. The stamp collectors start collecting the stamps due to the stamp’s beauty. According to the Federation International de Philately, there are 11 classifications in stamp collecting. Most stamp collectors prefer stamps from different countries. Thematic stamp collecting is also referred as topical stamp collecting. This type of stamp collecting focuses on themes of the stamps such as cars, animals, flowers and many others. Themes stamps express the collectors’ creativity. Some stamp collectors collect letters and stamps from the mail. There are envelopes, postcards and letter sheets with pre-printed stamp. These are collectively called as postal stationery. Several stamp collectors want to collect postal stationery pieces because of their imprinted stamps.

Cinderella stamp collecting is becoming popular worldwide. Stamp-like objects include labels, fiscal stamps, telegraph stamps and so on. Cinderella stamps are not valid for postage. These poster stamps are affixed on envelopes for advertising purposes only. Fiscal stamps are small papers attached to the taxed good packages. Aero philately extends to labels, documents, post cards, and letters that were transported through flying couriers. Astro-philately is the stamp collecting that is literally out of the world. Maximaphily is the collection of stamps that are related to the travel. Some collectors may even collect stamp books and magazines related to stamps for getting a good knowledge of the stamp collection. Youth philately is related to the stamps with the colorful cartoon and comic characters that can delight the young. This is a good way of encouraging kids to begin stamp collecting.