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The most popular Antiques and Vintage Collectibles

Antiques Guild is a planned assembly point for collectors and dealers in antiques.

Antique Christmas was celebrated with traditional items such as popcorn strands, cranberries and real candles on the tree.

Antique Hummels figurines have been popular since they were first made and have become very collectible and valuable.†

Antique Nutcrackers from Germany and other countries are more important as a folk art than for any nuts they might crack.† Nutcrackers carved in the Erzgebirge region are especially well made.

Bobbin Lace† Is a special kind of handmade lace. The "Bobbins" hold the small rolls of lace thread while the weaver them into lace.

Flower Frogs are metal, glass, and porcelain objects which help hold flowers in a vase.† They range from simple and cheap to expensive.

Gerold Porcelain was made in Germany for many years and is available in thousands of different pieces

Gerold Porzellan is the German spelling and is how many of these lovely items are marked.

Grandfather Clocks are very collectible. At bit hard to ship & keep runnings, but very special.
Head Vases are pottery or porcelain items decorated with a face of some sort.

Hutschenreuther Porzellan is a fine German made porcelain that is very collectible. We have a 1928 copy of their catalog with it's original price list.

Canine Collectibles for the dog lover.

Mainzer Cats are funny postcards with cats dressed like people doing comic acts with a European flair.

Model Railroads are popular with young and old and range from elaborate setups to simple. Model railroads came about when I was looking for things to buy on Ebay and began to get some idea of just how popular model railroading has become.† Prior to that my experience with model trains had been limited to our annual trips to the New Mexico state fair. The fair has a model railroad building where the train collectors gather to show off their systems.† It was always interesting to watch; especially since they put on the best show possible during the fair time.† For those of you who donít know, the New Mexico State Fair attendence is larger than the population of the entire state!† It is a real popular event. We never had space or money for model trains when I was growing up.† I have vague memories of a 4? x 4? sheet of plywood with a single circular track, but nothing more.

Pedro Lemos was an artist and editor of the School Arts magazine from 1920 to 1950. Pedro Lemos was a writer and artist who was productive from the 1920ís until about the 1940ís. He was deeply involved in the school arts movement. School Arts magazines written when Pedro Lemos was editor continue to do well on Ebay. It is still sometimes possible to pick up multiple bound issues for a good price, but single issues have increased in value by about a third. †The folio issues with all the artwork have gotten very expensive.

Porcelain Marks are extremely important in correct identification and valuation.† They are also difficult.

Rainbow Brites were popular dolls many years ago and have become collectible as mothers who enjoyed them introduce them to their children.

Vintage Postcards are a popular collectible.† They take little space, come in many varieties and may be quite valuable.

DDR Zeit means the times before the Berlin wall came down in 1986.† For former East Germans it is as significant as the great depression.


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